Day-2, Przemysl to Rokietnica

We finished day 1 with a sumptuous dinner of typically Polish cuisine, just like my on-line language course, Babel, drilled me: creamy tomato soup, pierogis, and Szarlotka (apple pie with merangue on top). (For 2 people and a beer, total bill: $17). And as a curiosity, the US Ambassador to Poland seemed to enjoy several of the same sites that we did at the same time: the Archcathedral and the main square at which we ate! No, there was no opportunity to exchange greetings.
Second day was a killer, but we had to do it to up our game. We blew through the planned 2d day goal and strove straight for the 3rd day goal, so now we’re ahead a day. Took 11 miles to get here, to Rokietnica, and we opted to try the Parish Church and were welcomed by the pastor. We were invited to stay in a guest room.

The house keeper fixed us an opulent lunch: meat dumplings in gravy, a type of barley grain, home-made claw, and an ample selection of cakes for dessert–unbelievable hospitality.

Most of the way was well waymarked with the exception of one point where there was a new fence that “lost” the arrow. That caused a half-mile overshoot–we took it in stride. Rapeseed fields are in near-full bloom lining the landscape with yellow carpets. Occasional homes showed off large crucifixes or mini-chapels in their front yards compelling one to stop and pay brief respects.

The way was mostly along no-shoulder country roads, but occasionally meandered through what seemed like virgin forests still crackling with winter foliage on the ground. And, of course, a plethora of hurdles challenged us (see the pic).


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