April 29, 2015 Reinsdorf, Germany (County of Zwickau, State of Saxony)

The last 36 hours I spent immersing myself in the lives of Wolfgang and Ria, their daughter Bianca and Marcel, and their son Nico. The relation traces back to Wolfsng being a cousin on the maternal side of our daughters. On the 28th we got reacquainted and today we delved into some serious routines: taking Nico to his third grade class (see pic);  getting Wolfgang’s leased Volkswagen ready to trade in on a new  model as part of a special employee’s lease program (his 35th car)–see pics of old and new car; and visiting the local Horch Auto Museum (once the original Audi factory), Horch being one of the four Audi rings (the other three representing Audi, DKW, and the Wanderer).

After checking Nico’s homework, we set out for the nearby Vogtland Arena, a winter and summer ski jump training venue. We took a ride up to the top for an added perspective. BTW, we saw remnants of snow that fell yesterday.

I begin walking in 5 days when rain is scheduled!! I’m ready!    


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  1. Joanne Lopez’Rojas — 05-01-2015 at 12:47 am

    Kurt.. This is just sooo exciting..Your blog makes me feel like I’m there. Love how you enjoy everything!BIG hugs from the two of us!