Day 1 (Had to Renumber) First Day of Walking

First day of hiking from Innsbruck to Rome—only 10 km, but 1500 ft climb. The symbols were clear: (1) The smaller the sign (2” x 3”), the more brutal the climb, and (2) barely 10 min into my first brutal climb, I met a life-sized crucifix telling me “to suck it up, because I suffered much, much more”!


Am now at the small town of Patsch, at an elevation of 3326 ft with breathing just a little bit harder than it was yesterday, but I’m quickly acclimatizing. Staying at the Bär Hotel and into my routine to be repeated 47 more times: arrive, check-in, shower, do laundry, nap, eat, and sleep—pretty simple.

The views all around are breathtaking.

D+2 Innsbruck, Austria

Started in Stockholm, Sweden today then flew to Munich and having a 6-minute Connection from Munich Airport train to train to Innsbruck, I made it. All this after three travel days, but what scenery there’s here in Innsbruck, Austria at the foot of the Alps. All in all, it went pretty well. I love Google Maps now that they keep the route you googled and it updates your location (all in airplane mode without using anyone’s WiFi). That allows me to use the route and walk without getting lost as in from train stations to hostels.

Plan to rest here tomorrow and look around and get myself a pilgrim’s credential for the first part (pre-Florence).

Had to attach the awesome snow-packed alps all around.

D Day About to Leave Los Angeles

Am about to board my Air Norwegian flight to Stockholm, Sweden. Will stay overnight there and proceed to Munich on April 25th. So far, so good.
Here’s a pic of me patiently waiting.

D-15 Barely Two Weeks to Go

Although I led a group of 17 members of our Southern California Chapter of the American Pilgrims on the Camino on a fantastic mile-high hike, it was good training for me as well. The trail was in the San Gabriel Mountains behind Altadena, CA, known as the Mount Lowe Road Trail to Inspiration Point. A scrumptious picnic followed as well as a shell ceremony for one of our members who would soon depart on his own Camino. We all huffed and puffed together on the 1000-foot climb. Here are pictures of our group at the start and destination of our hike.

D-41 Getting Closer

I had to add this picture of my role model, Hugo, given to me by dearest friends JLoRo and Delfino. “Old pilgrims never fade away, they just never know when to stop”—my follow-on saying to MacArthur’s, “Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.”