D-17 (May 14–Monday) San Martino di Lupari to Camposampiero

Nine miles of zigzagging through the countryside and for the first two hours with light rain brought me to my destination hotel here in Camposampiero. It’s the last stop before Padua, the end of Stage I, where I switch from the Via Romea to the Via  Francigena (aka, the Assisi Way) by taking a train to Florence.

Had two breaks along the way: a mid-morning break to eat the sandwich I take with me from breakfast and a lunch break (this tends to be my routine). Two things I noticed along the way. First, although the countryside was dotted with farmed land, many above-average homes appeared along the way along with lesser, but still very nice and newer homes. These might possibly be summer homes.

Then I noticed for the last week or so the practice of telling everyone the event that just transpired, such as a new baby boy or girl, a first communion (shown in the picture), or as was common last weekend—mother’s day. The fences or the front of the house would be decorated. Nice!

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