D-26 (23 May—Wednesday) Chiusi della Verna to Ceprese Michelangelo

Last evening, a well-intentioned deed turned disastrous. While trying to confine my muddy clothes to the bathroom, specifically the shower, I needed to sit to remove my socks. Of course, on top of the toilet cover—well, it cracked into dozens of pieces and left me wondering how I could explain this in Italian! This morning came the time of reckoning—and luckily, the owner spoke German and settled for 20 Euros. To all you pilgrims out there who might be staying in a hotel, let this be a lesson!

So with a clean conscience, I started the route of 16 km (10 mi) and 1600 ft of climb. And with only a light drizzle it made for a reasonable day—although rocky trails, mud, and slippery paths were about the same as yesterday. 

The special treat at my destination is Michelangelo’s birth house and the museum that surrounds it. Known as Caprese’s Castle, it’s situated atop a hill with 360 deg view of the valleys (one pic shows a sample view). They have a respectable collection of copies and casts of his sculptures—you’ll recognize the one I chose.

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  1. Susanne & Peter — 05-24-2018 at 6:13 am

    Hi Kurt,
    I hope the weather will be much nicer during your stay in Vienna. What you’re experiencing now sounds really disgusting, with all that drizzle and mud and no sunny spells to dry off. Nevertheless, all the best for the forthcoming sequels!
    Big hugs, Susanne + Peter