D-29 (May 26–Saturday) Citerna to Città di Costello

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Citerna lodging 750 meters from town

British friend, Luke, living in Assisi for 30 years,

At Citerna’s Belvedere Restaurant

My favorite dessert: cheese plate with red wine.

Enjoying my cheese

Patricia’s Rustic Hotel with super hospitality

Rest break at water fountain

covers both Friday, the 25th (San Sepolcro to Citerna) and Saturday, the 26th (Citerna to Citta di Costello)

Friday was an easier day (13 km—8 mi and climbed 918 ft). Today, Saturday, seemed very hard (20 km—12 mi and climbed 2680 ft). The temp has been hitting mid-80s and it’s made a difference. Conditions otherwise have been astounding: no rain, very little mud, good walking paths, and some shade here and there.

Because of the heat and the hills, I’ve had to slow down my pace, and so I’m walking 8 to 9 hrs—but it’s all still fun. Especially when trail angels appear. After the first of three hills this morning there suddenly appears in the middle of nowhere a very rustic hotel. I walked in and asked if they were open, and the owner just served me another breakfast—first one was really skimpy anyway. She couldn’t put enough food in front of me—and only charging me 5 Euros. It’s kindness like that that keeps you going. Then I met the only couple that stayed there (Dutch)—we had fun leapfrogging each other.

Also learned that most residences in remote areas are only occupied March to November—too much snow, and these gravelly roads aren’t cleared. 


  1. Ronna Streeton — 05-27-2018 at 12:55 pm

    hope the weather cooperates and makes it easier on you! Safe travels our friend! Hugs, Bob and Ronna

  2. Gerhard Treiber — 05-28-2018 at 2:58 am

    Hallo Kurt,
    weiterhin einen guten Weg!
    Informiere Dich, ob bei euch am Donnerstag Feiertag (Fronleichnam) ist.