D-32 (29 May—Tuesday) Pietralunga to Gubbio

The journey was 25 km (15,6 mi) and 2570 ft. and made for a tiring day. Coming out of the Agriturismo lodging, I continued walking up the hill rather than going down and essentially climbing back up. Although the temp hugged the high 70s with good cloud cover, it still seemed warm, and I consumed at least three quarts of water.

With all climbing behind me but still 10 km ahead, I ran into a cool water source with spigot. Not only did I use it to cool down, but I guzzled a quart and a half of water on the spot—it tasted so incredibly good!

The city of Gubbio is built on the side of a hill and its history goes back to the Bronze Age. In fact, they discovered the Iguvine Tablets that probably date to the third century BC—they’re a rich source of history and language of the early Umbrian people. Nothing like it exists, except in Asia. I spotted a Roman theater and the medieval walls give it a feeling it’s been around for a while.

I included a picture of the crucifix because they’re often seen at such special places with commanding views.

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  1. Edward Wolski — 05-31-2018 at 6:19 am

    Hopefully,you gonna see an Etruscan Megalithic walls on your way.
    I cant wait for your encounters with everything Etruscan..