D-33, May 24, Zlotoryja to Lwuwek Slaski

Great walking day because the heat retreated and the forecasted showers for later in the day never materialized. We had a huge adventure trying to get back on our trail after it abruptly disappeared. 

PocketEarth showed us where we had to go, but we just couldn’t get there “easily.” We went for over a mile in rapeseed fields over waist high. Pollen everywhere! The picture shows how high. Then we escaped down a slippery 10-ft bank to explore going along a defunct rail track overgrown with thistles and nettles and whatnot! My greatest fear at that moment was falling head down into the nettles (Brennesel) as I did once in Austria. Finally found a way to get back up the steep bank and on along our way–I was in disbelief for miles afterwards.

Several hours later we found ourselves plodding through a grain field that had promise of repeating the trail disappearance act. The pic  shows that there wasn’t much of a path! We made it, however, but wondered how.

Wonderful views along the way, and superb forest paths as shown in the pics.

We’re staying at a Caritas facility (donativo only), and not many here. Our room is set up with two-double bunks, and luckily we have it to ourselves. Dinner and breakfast was a shopping trip to the grocery store: rolls, cheese, marinated herring filets, apples, and yogurt. BTW at the other end of the spectrum, the breakfast spread this morning was the best so far (included in the $22.50/person price): eggs, sausage, umpteen kinds of lunch meats and cheeses (incl tasty prosciutto) and the list goes on. We left with extra for lunch and more!


  1. Joyce Summers — 05-24-2016 at 12:24 pm

    Wow! You and Eddie have become adventurers and explorers too as you blaze your trails through rapeseed, thistles, and nettles! Beautiful pictures from along the way. Glad it all worked out and you have found a good place to stay with food sources to make your meals. Hope the good weather continues tomorrow . . .

  2. Joanne Lopez-Rojas — 06-05-2016 at 11:45 pm

    This journey of yours makes me realize even more that everything is possible.