D-35 (1 June—Friday) Assisi to Foligno

OiI just didn’t want to leave Assisi; I made one more stop at the Basilica of Santa Clara (at nearly the opposite end of Assisi’s Basilica of St. Francis). She was one of the first followers of St Francis and founded the Order of Poor Ladies, later renamed the Order of Saint Clare (Poor Clares). As I was leaving, crowds of visitors came through the city’s entrance. I had before me 20 km (12.5 mi) and mostly descents as I headed to Foligno.

At the 13-km mark, I entered the hillside hamlet of Spello. Tourists abounded, and I took it all in during a gelato break in their main square. It was lovely to walk through, but the temperature was already pushing to 80! I managed to soak my micro fleece towel with water at about an hour out of Assisi and wrapped it around my neck. It’s quite helpful in keeping me cool.

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