D-8, Apr 29, Ropczyce to Pilzno

We trekked 27 km (17 mi) over rolling hills–a great walking day. After 2 1/2 hrs without coffee / breakfast, I couldn’t resist the call of a McDonalds. We try to avoid them, but …. There were no accommodations at the Carmelite Cloister, so we ended up at the Taurus Motel–a small little room, but clean and all that we need.

Importantly, I failed to mention before, my 2000-mile walk is taking me from the Polish state of Galicia to the Spanish state of Galicia–what a coincidence!

On the way, a car stopped and a fellow in all black came up to us to wish us “Buen Camino”–he had done the Frances last year and was so overjoyed to meet us. We first thought he was a priest! Today, as usual, we see lots of roadside memorials for someone who lost their life prematurely. We also saw another statue of St. John Paul II. 

And also, I noted that all the towns seem to adjoin: the end of one is always the beginning of the next. Probably a good way to set maintenance responsibility! Final pic is of the Pilzno Square: City Hall and Church.


  1. John & Ruta — 04-29-2016 at 9:22 am

    Enjoying and experiencing vicarious thrills through your posts!!!
    BTW:reliable Greek sources have disclosed that HOMER is following your posts, and is working on a sequel to his ODYSSEY.
    love & huge hugs,
    J & R

    • kurt — 04-29-2016 at 9:20 pm

      Good for him❤️

  2. Joanne Lopez-Rojas — 04-30-2016 at 11:24 am

    Taking my time getting caught up with your pictures and your updates..Enjoying them so much..BIG hugs to you Kurt..JLoRo

  3. Joyce Summers — 05-04-2016 at 7:23 am

    The descansos are always a touching sight. The multiple pictures you have posted of statues honoring Pope John Paul II show how beloved he still is by the Polish people.