Day-27 (11 May—Sat) Montamarta

The Camino spirit is alive and well—I discovered that last night when Luigi invited me to join his group of three Italians for a home-cooked spaghetti ragu, eight in all. We enjoyed the mish-mash of languages and laughed the evening away—no one wanted it to end. The hospitaleras were invited and brought out some of their stash of pâtés and spreads.

Today was a great day for walking the 19.5 km (12.2 mi). The albergue here was a far cry from yesterday’s, so I opted to stay at a casa rural with my own room and bathroom—only one other couple here—a real splurge that won’t be available once I turn off on the Camino Sanabres. Not sure where the others went—possibly to a new Casa rural advertised by a leaflet delivered as we were walking by a car!!!!!

Here are some pics: first, the street cleaner spraying down the streets; dinner from last night; my Casa Rural; lastly, cyclists, maybe a few dozen that passed me by and wishing me, Buen Camino.”

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  1. Patty Berry — 05-11-2019 at 10:18 pm

    Now biking that Camino looks like my style!!
    that Pasta…..looks like your are all carbo loading!!
    My Spanish friend in BilBao walked the camino years ago when she was younger and she said they actually cooked their dinners each night….is that what you do??? Did you all cook that pasta?? I assumed you ate your meals in restaurants along the way.