Day-48: Newport Beach to Dana Point

Today’s intermittently drizzly 21-mile walk through wall-to-wall beach cities was exciting. There’s a different air about everything. Shops with hoity-toity names featured a range of products and services you’d only see here (and surely in Beverly Hills). I point to just a single example: a car spa with membership provisions, on and on–this is obviously for your very high-end cars! I couldn’t begin to explain all this to Alfonso. Oh, speaking of him, I managed to capture a photo of him as he usually sits to dine with me– check it out.

And a final thought. Nature knows how to “go with the flow.” Check out the photo of the tree blown down by nature’s forces. The tree simply hugs the ground and keeps right on growing! It’s going with the flow–a lesson for all of us. BTW, so many breathtaking views of the ocean brought be to the doorstep of the 19th mission (Mission San Juan Capistrano) that I’ll see tomorrow.





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