Day-8 Tue, May 3 Tata to Bábolna

Fifth day of walking in Hungary and here I am at Bábolna, a town of fewer than 4000 in a hotel that’s part of an agribusiness concern (fertilizers, seeds, and pesticides) as well as an off-site event Center. That all sounds good but there’s nothing here after 4:00 PM. A security guard registered me at the company‘s entrance then took me to another building that has about 16 rooms—it’s like a morgue! But I’m super happy that I had a big lunch and still have carry-out from breakfast—too tired to walk another half mile to a restaurant!

I opted out of walking 19.8 miles (32 kilometers) today and decided to take the bus for the first 6 miles (10 km). Main reason is that I‘m looking at 16 miles (25 km) tomorrow, which is OK since I‘ll stay at the famous pilgrim‘s venue, Pannonhalma, for two nights.

Sights for the day: my first platoon of windmills standing at attention and presenting arms—sad that they weren’t moving—probably not enough wind (need minimum of 9 mph)!; Almost took the wrong turn to the town of Dad; nice lunch; wrong impression arriving at the Park Hotel with all the cars—5 minutes later they were totally gone.


  1. Belle Cook — 05-03-2022 at 1:51 pm

    Love the smile.

  2. Mark — 05-03-2022 at 3:18 pm

    I was surprised to see so many windmills since Hungary is so conservative.
    Glad to hear you went a little easy on yourself and partially took the bus. I would have ridden the bus all the way, but then us 50-somethings just don’t have your energy!

  3. Jackie Williams — 05-03-2022 at 8:02 pm

    Love your picture!!! 😘❤️😘