May 24, 2014 Valenca to Porrino

Beautiful day for getting 19.3 km (12 mi) behind me–now under 100 km left. The past heavy rains have washed out a few areas, but everyone managed to use the adjoining fields as a makeshift detour.

Discovered the cause of my bone bruise: sandals have a crack in sole (too old) that let some jagged rocks intrude. My fault. I should have replaced them.

Going through Tui, my first Spanish town, I stopped in at a small church adjacent to a convent to find four nuns at their morning prayers. At first I felt as if I were intruding, but after a few minutes more as an invited guest. Witnessing, no, immersing in a Camino context in the power of the church–the total dedication some practice–is beyond words.

I have dozens of photos from today–beautiful gripping scenes–but these four nuns by far have punctuated the day for me!


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