May 26, 2014 Porrino to Pontevedra

A few uphill climbs and and paths through mixed forests took me 18.2 km (11.4 mi) to a great looking albuerge in Pontevedra. Four of us shared a washer and I took advantage of it and did my pants too. May not sound important to the casual reader, but it is to a tired pilgrim–it was a gift.

The town has some 83K people in it and has been described as an old Galician town. Many, many old, important looking buildings greet you in the center. I forwent a nap just to get a better impression–vale la peina (it was worth my pain).

Here are just a few impressions, one of which included the Parador (state-run 5-star hotels usually in very old settings), the Pilgrim Chapel in the shape of a shell on the Peregrina (female peregrino) Square, and City Hall:





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