September, 2012

Day 8 Picture

Here’s the pic of Mission Santa Clara:


Day 8: Mission San Jose to Mission Santa Clara

Arrived at Mission Santa Clara at a bit after 3:00pm (17 mi). Beautiful mission and on top of that they had a wedding going on. After spending some time in he mission thinking of its beauty, I read about its history. First mission to be named after a woman! And this mission became Jesuit later on promising to found a school and thus it sits in the middle of Santa Clara University today.

Am staying with Claudia’s cousin, Kevin , and his wife Diane–lovely family. A big BBQ is scheduled.

Day 6/7: Menlo Park to Mountain View to Mission San Jose

Day 6 led me to the departure from the Camino Real in Mountain View where I stayed at a cozy motel just across 101 from Moffett Field. It was all familiar from our days at Lockheed Martin and living in Sunnyvale.

Day 7, according to Siri, was only going to be 12 miles, but turned out to be another 20, just like day 6. Today and parts of yesterday took me past companies rooted in the lore of Silicon Valley: Google, AMD, Dell, Juniper Systems, Lockheed Martin, on and on.

At 2:00 pm Claudia joined me to tour Mission San Jose–nice museum, but little there from the original mission founded in1797. This 14th mission was totally destroyed by the great earthquake of 1868. The photos of the current church are of a reconstruction in the 1970s.



Day-6 Partial: Belmont to Menlo Park

Although only 10 miles into the day and while resting at a Starbucks, I am recharging along the way with all the humor I see-it’s everywhere! A shoe in the middle of the Camino Real, obviously it had try to flee its owner’s dastardly tortures, gets hit by a car; a front door to an office suite marked Magrittelike, “This is not an entrance”; and then there’s the whole thing about the “moral compass app,” whose existence is being denied on signs on top of taxis. Oh, it’s a great world we live in–humor–the ultimate natural additiction!


Day-5: Mission Dolores (SF) to Belmont

How thrilling to walk the king’s road itself! I picked up THE Camino Real as I left San Bruno, but seem to have gotten caught between motel clumps. They aren’t uniformly distributed, meaning that I had to walk more than 25 miles to get to the next “clump.”
My two favorite sites along the way are on these pics (the bust of Fra Serra is at St Mathews Church in San Mateo).



Day-4: Sausalito to Mission Dolores

After a good visit with the daughters and their families, I rode the ferry back to Sausalito to continue the walk through historic Fort Baker. After a climb up to the Golden Gate Bridge (which celebrated its 75th BD), I crossed it in the early morning fog (see photo) and passed through historic Presidio. Lots of memories (e.g., in a hospital here as a teenager and commissioned in the US Army by the Presidio). Mission Dolores is the only one standing as it originally did–rather incredible! Several pics are of Presidio.






Day 3: Mission San Rafael to Sausalito

Great walk, but because of a few routing issues, I walked about 5 miles extra needlessly. So when I arrived in Sausalito I had already clocked over 20 miles, and ended up taking the ferry to San Francisco, now staying with Chris/Douglas for the night. Much of the walk was on roads with narrow shoulders-the pic below says it all.


Day-2 Mission San Rafael Replica



Day-2: From Novato to Mission San Rafael Arcangel

Cushy day; only 14.6 miles to the mission and a Starbucks just down the street. Still need to find a motel–there are lots within a mile.
I found Mission San Rafael hustling and bustling with Sunday mass and many baptisms. Nothing stands of the old mission–it was torn down in 1861. The mission replica was built in 1949 with Hearst money.
Today’s church:


Day-1: from Mission Solano to Novato

Grueling but great day. I walked over 20 miles, and on top of that, a fellow gave me a ride for a mile and a half. Had to accept, I was starting to melt down.

All motels are booked because of the car races! I’m camping out within the shadow of the motel, but not on their property.
Lovely mission, grape picking is at its peak, limos by the hundreds are on the highway with their clients, and very warm for the first day of fall. Check out the pics.