March, 2016

D-24 Introducing my Walking Buddy Eddie

Here’s the first picture of Eddie who will join me on the Polish segment of the Via Regia where he’ll get to use his Polish language skills. It’ll be a dynamite adventure. You’ll note he’s standing in front of two icons: the White House and Hollywood!  

D-25 to Start of Via Regia 2016

Lots of preparations to go before leaving for JFK on April 18 where I’ll meet up with my Polish email friend Eddie and we begin an awesome hike of the Via Regia, the Polish Segment. I dare say, few Americans have traveled this route, and without Eddie’s knowledge of Polish it would have been orders of magnitude more difficult for me–a ton of thanks. Here’s a picture of Kurt doing a 11-mile, 2000+ ft climb in nearby Santa Monica Mountains trying to get into shape.