Apr 27, 2014 Arrival in Lisbon

After a 10-hour layover in Newark, the plane took off on Saturday the 26th. Seats were unbelievably narrow and had minimal leg room–tightest seat arrangement I’ve ever experienced. TAP was the carrier for United.

Arrived the 27th and made my way to our hotel in the heart of Lisbon, our base we’ll be using until the 2nd of May when we’ll start our walk. Met Jean and his lovely wife Carmen at the hotel. Then took her back out to the airport for her return flight to Barcelona. Waiting for her plane consumed nearly 5 hrs, after which some fun sight seeing began.

Here are some pics of the day: major Business Square, entrance to the square, steep cable car ride, view of castle, and Kurt with statue of Fernando Pessoa, the poet.

Am crashing after a long, but exciting day!






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