Pre-Cal Mission Trail 2012

Best Wishes from my Fan Club

Check out this card–yes, I consider myself encouraged and believed in!


It’s D-5!

More adventures on the training route: a stop at our local mushroom factory.


It’s D-6

Only four more training days left. On my walk this morning I spotted the Ventura Keys BBQ–still early and not too much action. Check out this photo.


It’s D-6 And not much time left

Just had a great 8-mile walk. Only four more days of training left. On Friday, 9/21 I’ll be driving up to the Bay Area.

It’s D-15

A 12-mile walk today from our La Mesa house to the San Diego Zoo–exhausting, but convincing me that I’m making progress with my training. Here’s a pic of me from our deck.


It’s D-17!

Equipment has been ordered: new ultralight sleeping bag, tent, and a new backpack (my old one died after the third Camino). This morning I took a short walk from our Ventura Harbor to the house. Have a look at the picture.


It’s D-29: Training from Mission San Buenaventura to Home

Had a great 9-mile walk from the awesomest mission of all–Mission San Buenaventura. Check out these pics.




It’s D-29: 1st day of walking, entered from my iPhone.

Hellish–walked 20 plus miles. Everything is sore. Experimented with iPhone postings.

Crazy Oyster Eating Kids


What is wrong with kids these days!