D-44 (10 June—Sunday) Poggio San Lorenzo to Ponticelli

Designed my own route today (part bicycle route and part forest route) same distance of 20 km (12.5 mi), but not nearly the climb of 2700 ft. It was mid-80s and I didn’t need extra challenges! Proof that I was on the bici route—just look at all the bikes coming uphill. There must have been at least thirty!

CaminoWays had bad phone numbers on their vouchers for lodging tonight so a local (originally Polish fellow from Krakow who spoke good English) gave me a ride up here—again, an Agriturismo Hotel in the boonies, 6 km (4 mi) ride. But so far, a lovely place with not very many people—I don’t know how these places survive! I suppose they cater to the bus traffic that gives them spurts of business now and then. But the owner told me it’s the restaurant business that means most to him, despite having 21 rooms.

Comments on Pics:

1. Some trails don’t even look like trails!

2. A pond with statues and running water, in the middle of nowhere, right on the trail??

3. Yes, bici! But I haven’t seen a Bici Grill in weeks.

4. My Polish/Italian friend who gave me a lift. Then I saw him the next day on the road—Karma at work

5. My Agriturismo lodging, La Ripa


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