Day 12, May 15 (Leipzig to Merseburg)

Covered 50 km yesterday, 22+ by streetcar to get to the other end of Leipzig and 27+ to get to this beautiful 1000-year old city of Merseburg. The hostel is where the organ used to be in  another church, the Neumarkt Church that dates back to 1188.

Along the way in the small town of Horburg, I passed the tearing sandstone Madonna that dates back to the 1250s. She so upset one of the 17th century Lutheran ministers that he had it “destroyed,” but the pieces were later reassembled in the 1930s. The forest paths were decorated with blooming wild flowers.

Only one young couple here with me and the llamas three of us just barely made it into the cathedral built in 1015—tour groups flocked in and out all the while someone played the organ majestically for us, adding to the spirituality of the setting. BTW, Luther preached here in 1545!

And then you have Hugo looking over the church where the two of us slept–I actually felt honored to be there.

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  1. Joyce Summers — 05-17-2015 at 6:32 pm

    The forest path looks particularly inviting, so green and shady and bordered with wildflowers. Amazing how old some of the churches are you are visiting. No wonder you and Hugo felt honored to be staying in an historic church loft.