Day 13, May 16 (Merseburg to Freyburg)

Last 24 hours was about being full of opposites: sun in the morning today and drizzly in the PM; couldn’t find any internet in the morning or last night and tonight I have two (both free); must have gotten lost about four times today, but found my way each time; slept in a real pilgrim style last night (no shower and no laundry) and splurged in high cotton tonight at a wine lovers 3-star hotel on the vineyard slopes of Freyburg (just showered and did my laundry). 20 miles with a blister on the ball of my foot made me do it!!!! I’ll be good tomorrow again.

I promised myself while on some beautiful serene forest paths that I would take the first place to save myself some steps–I really didn’t have such a nice place in mind (although the outside isn’t much to look at because of external work). A huge banquet was in progress with DJ and a live band to boot. The picture brings out the contrast.

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  1. Joyce Summers — 05-17-2015 at 6:35 pm

    Sounds like you made a wise choice.