Day-130, Aug 29, Noja to Güemes, Spain

The three of us who roomed together last night decided to leave at 8:00 AM so as to get breakfast at our place, but our place was still closed. Bob then hobbled to the bus stop, Susanne and I walked the few kilometers on the way into town for breakfast then put on our panchos for the light drizzle and parted ways because she had a much faster  pace. The trek was a comfortable 17 km (8.8 mi) and ended at an amazing albuerge, arguably the best on the Camino! I include here the URL to the albuerge:

When I arrived at a little after 1:00 PM, someone greeted me, told me to put my backpack down and showed me to my place at the dining table. I already knew most of the other 20 or so pilgrims from before. They were already serving food and wine. After the meal, they registered me and showed me to my bunk. It’s an 11-bunk room (one of many) each bunk having lots of head space and, get this, its individual electrical plug for charging smartphones, etc. It’s the amenities that are so outstanding: washer, dryer, clothes lines, everything!

A piece of artwork at the bottom of the stairs, included as the last picture, is captioned at the bottom: CAMINO UNIVERSIDAD DE VIDA (CAMINO UNIVETSITY OF LIFE). It seems so germane! 

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  1. Joyce Summers — 08-30-2016 at 7:58 am

    A delightful surprise to end your day’s walk at the exceptional albergue. You look happy sharing a meal with your fellow pilgrims. Enjoyed looking on the map where you are, checking out the web site, and seeing your pictures.