Day-140, Sep 8, Gijón to Avilés, Spain

Heaven today–a down-day going from Gijón to Avilés by train for just 1.90€ to cover 24 km (15 mi). Bob and I arrived at our albergue at 10:00 AM and had 3 hrs to enjoy a bit of the city but mostly the exhibits at the Niemeyer Cultural Center. The  exhibit, “Seeking shelter for my children,” was a photojournalist collection of deeply touching pictures of the refugees captured by Javier Bauluz. Having met and talked with a number of aid workers in Germany and France involved in the effort of helping the refugees, I felt closer to the crisis  than before my walk.

Rest for the remainder of the day is doing wonders for the body. Am trying to keep the days down to 25 km, but that’s not always easy and it will stretch the schedule out a bit. Even at 25 km, it seems that the extreme hills take their toll.

Bob took a picture of me at my bunk in a bay of 40 stacked beds–so far not too crowded, maybe half filled at 4:00 PM.

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  1. Joyce Summers — 09-12-2016 at 2:34 pm

    It sounds like it was a good day starting with the train ride. The amazing photo exhibit of the refugee crisis touched your heart and also the rest of us who walk with you in spirit. Glad you could rest up at the albergue the remainder of the day. Sometimes a quiet day is the perfect remedy.