Day-149, Sep 17 Mondoñedo to Gontán, Spain

One of the best days in weeks: somehow, not sure how it happened, I got my pace back over a long gentle climb of nearly 1000 feet over a 4 km run and then 1000 more feet for a total 14 km (8.8 mi) distance–a pretty short walk; met a bus, at our break, with a Boston Tour Group (mostly elderly ladies) who just fell in love with us seeing real pilgrims, since they just came from Santiago; then after arriving at our destination of Gontán (a small village of surely less than 1000) experiencing a street market that they hold only twice a month where we ate freshly cooked pulpo (octopus) and churros dipped in chocolate for desert. They even held an animal auction. What a great day! And then a short nap.

The pics: from raw octopus to the man snipping an octopus for our plate and me holding one fresh out of the boiling water; the view out our albergue window down on the street fair and last a street view of the street fair. BTW, the albergue here was completely filled last night. We were here #1 and #2, having left at 7:30 AM (in the dark) and arriving just before noon.

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