Day-150, Sep 18 Gontán to Vilalba, Spain

I slowed my pace a bit from yesterday’s over the 19 km (11.9 mi) to the albergue at Vilalba. It was an easy walk with partial cloud cover and a range of cool to mid 60s temp. I ended up at the municipal albergue and Bob at a private one (we just missed cues), but I walked over to his place after I got settled and we had a mid-afternoon meal together and coordinated for tomorrow. We’re headed to Baamonde at which point we’ll be only 94 km from Santiago!

This town of some 15,000 has a character all of its own: hilly; a touch of medieval with a remaining tower that now contains 6 rooms of a parador with a new structure close by as the remaining hotel; 40 to 50 pilgrims staying overnight, since Vilalba is on a major Camino Route (del Norte). 

A few pics: a Galician cemetery along the way; motorcycle races 100 meters from our albergue (the left-most building you see); the remaining tower of the old citadel; a jamoneria, where I had to have some jamon iberico (see the hanging hams in the background).

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