Day-151, Sep 19,  Vilalba to Baamonde, Spain

Had to dig out my gloves this morning during 48 deg temp (thank you, Douglas)–they made the first few hours more tolerable. Stayed primarily on the bike trail portion of the Camino, and left at 7:30 AM and arrived at Baamonde by noon–huge and nice hostel here with nearly 100 beds. Again, only gentle climbs made the day a pleasant walk.

Bob and I committed to arriving at Santiago on Saturday the 24th (a day earlier than the last ETA)–that means only 5 remaining days of walking! We plan to stay at a hostel in Santiago called “Roots and Boots.” And it’s time to make plane reservations in the next few days after we see how our ETA holds up.

You can see the morning fog beyond the small kale field (a common ingredient in Galician Caldo (special, hardy soup) that we had for lunch (except the one at lunch was cabbage based) and also behind the typical Galician cemetery. The next pic shows some pilgrims checking in at the hostel (you need your passport, your pilgrim credentials, and 6€). The final pic is at lunch at the last course with Tarta de Santiago and a shot of liquor in the coffee. We much prefer to eat the big meal at about 2:00 PM, rather than waiting until 8:00 PM or even later for the kitchen to open up again for dinner.

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  1. Joyce Summers — 10-02-2016 at 10:54 am

    You have walked long enough to experience the weather of several seasons. Love the kale fields and the cabbage soup. It seems like you have experienced a variety of foods and meals on your journey. Eating the bigger meal mid day makes sense.