Day-154, Sep 22, Sobrado dos Monxes to Arzúa, Spain

Today is all about sharing our Del Norte Camino with a wave of folks coming here from the Camino Frances–new faces and new stories. It was a perfect hiking day of mostly downhill with cool temperatures for the entire 20.3 km (12.7 mi). We started out in the dark and I couldn’t see the first step coming out of the monastery so I took my fifth, and hopefully, final fall–luckily not a bad one. I felt sad later because I lost my cheapie water bottle from Poland (it was my friend) but I couldn’t see it.

We’re staying at the municipal albergue which opened at 1:00PM for 6€ and by 4:00 PM it was full, but there must be at least a dozen albergues in the town of Arzúa and pilgrims are wandering all about. Only about 40 km to go!

The first pic shows a typical backpack transport service that is available for pilgrims. The second is our municipal albergue with over 40 some beds. Then there I am smiling at lunch and the final pic of Bob and me in front of the albergue. We look forward to breakfast right across the small street–they open at 6:00 AM. No rush because tomorrow’s destination has many albergues with capacity of hundreds.


  1. Marjie — 09-22-2016 at 8:06 pm

    Beautiful stone building. Glad you recovered from your fall! Can’t believe you are almost done.

    M and M

  2. Joyce Summers — 10-02-2016 at 11:09 am

    Wow! Glad your tumble wasn’t a serious one and you are up to continuing your walk today. You are almost there.