Day-40 (24 May—Fri) Ourense

Although not at full energy, I walked 22.2 km (13.9 mi) mostly going gently downhill. Another perfect day for walking: cool and partly cloudy. With 109 km to go, it’s the Sanabres counterpart to Sarria for the Camino Frances, the closest point where one can still earn a Compostela for walking 100 km. It’s a real milestone to get here—only five days to go until I arrive in Santiago.

Since local and regional elections are this Sunday, there are placards everywhere and lots of activities (cars with loudspeakers and candidates walking through the streets of Ourense). And beside these, there are also the EU Parliamentary elections over a four day period that ends this Sunday night when results will be televised.

There are two main attractions here in the “big” city of Ourense (about 110,000 pop): the Romanesque Cathedral and the geothermal baths going back to Roman times. The former I visited but had to pass on the latter (not enough energy and no swimming suit).

Here are a few memorable pics from today: the first is the interior of the Cathedral and the second the exterior; the third pic is of the altar, such detailed scenes from Christ’s life; then one of the candidates walking through Plaza Major in front of city hall.

This picture is of one of the side chapels showing such extreme opulence—it blew me away.

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