Day-41 (25 May—Sat) San Cristovo de Cea

My hike of 23.6 km (14.8 mi) started over what was the first bridge over the river Minho. This Roman bridge is one of the historical landmarks of the city, linked to its origins. When it was built it was a strategic passage, the only point in many kilometres to cross the Minho. Rebuilt in the 13th century (hence its pointed arches, striking for their height) and consolidated in the 17th century, it was declared a Historic Monument in 1961, along with the nearby Chapel of Our Lady of Los Remedios. You must cross it while walking the Mozarabic Way – Via de la Platato Santiago de Compostela.

Here are a few memorable pics of the day: first a medieval bridge hidden behind the brush; second the Roman bridge over the river Minho; third Plaza Major at our destination town with our albergue group gathering at the local plaza major and being deluged with a group of Spanish tourists—we didn’t realize our town was so “important”; and fourth, the medieval bridge I was crossing.


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  1. Jackie Williams — 05-27-2019 at 9:56 pm

    ❤️ the medieval bridge – I’m sure crossings of such make you feel like you’ve personally stepped back in time. XXOO