Day-42 (26 May—Sun) Castro Dozon

Had an easy 14.4 km (9 mi) day except for the 1500 ft climb, but even that went fairly well. This brought me to within 3 days of Santiago, and you can hear people’s plans already for going home. The albergue here in the tiny town of 290 inhabitants of Castro Dozón amazes me. It’s a municipal one and modern and besides they have a lady come in at 1:00PM to make hamburgers and cook a menu del dia—she stays until 8:00PM. She does that because there’s no restaurant in town, even though there is one bar.

Above are a few memorable pics from today: first is a typical foot bridge overpass above a stream flowing below; the second is a typical marker on the Camino with a painted arrow—all the km indicators have been ripped off as mementos by pilgrims; the third and fourth capture our group of 10 having lunch at about 1:30pm; and last is a glimpse of one of the rooms with bunks.

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  1. Jackie Williams — 05-27-2019 at 10:09 pm

    Looks like more walkers have joined! I’m sure seeing the Shell markers bring a sigh of relief knowing you’re on the right path – can’t believe you’re almost there! XXOO