Day 43 (27 May—Mon) Silleda

After walking 27.3 km (17.0 mi) today including climbs of a few thousand feet, I find myself two days out and only 24 miles from Santiago. That exciting feeling of completion is beginning to set in, especially tomorrow at the end of the day after I have a bed secured. From then on, I have all my reservations! Here in Silleda, I opted for a hostal rather than the albergue because I wanted a good night’s sleep without interruption and guaranteed breakfast in the morning—that’s worth 14 € extra!

Today’s walk started in heavy fog that didn’t lift for several hours—it added to the mystical experience. The albergue had a coffee machine which I used for starters this morning—no other coffee until about three hours later, but I made up for it by having a Spanish tortilla. It’s the first whole one that I’ve ordered. I was fascinated with the medieval bridge built on top of Roman footings. Here are some memorable pictures: first, leaving the albergue in the fog; second, beautiful roses along the way; third, walking through the forest; then my tortilla; fifth, the Roman-based bridge, and finally, the stepping-some lined trail upwards after the bridge.



  1. Marjie — 05-27-2019 at 12:34 pm

    Congratulations, you are almost done!
    Beautiful bridge.

    Marjie and Mark

  2. Jackie Williams — 05-27-2019 at 10:12 pm

    The albergue looks like it’s in the middle of no where… another day of many miles – almost done! Wow! 😘❤️