Day-44: Glendale to Mission San Gabriel and on to Rosemead

My 19-mile journey started in the heart of Glendale then went east through Pasadena. A hearty breakfast at the Pasadena Central Park Cafe had me backtrack a bit, but it was well worth it. Turning south on Los Robles and onto Garfield, I passed through San Marino and Alhambra, and then turning east onto Mission Rd, I finally arrived in the small city of San Gabriel with its beautiful mission (4th in the series of 21). Bottom line: wall-to-wall cities. Of course it’ll be that way for nearly the rest of the walk (except for Camp Pendleton). Cumulative mileage stands at 739 miles with only 3 missions left and 9 days to go!
So many pics to choose from, but here are the finalists–things you don’t see every day: a 36-line high-power electric feed (this is NOT a small town getting electricity!); taking a break across the Norton Simon Museum; waiting in line to buy their iPad Mini; a huge mural on the Alhambra US Post Office; and several photos of Mission San Gabriel.







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