Day-45: Rosemead to Whittier

It was nature’s last chance to lash out at me with a 93-degree temperature during this adventure. With only an 11.5 mile trip, it had little effect on me except to drink more. Rumor has it that the temperature will fall markedly during my final 8 days. Daydreaming about my ensuing book on the Mission Walk and captivated by one of my American Pilgrim’s (Grant’s) suggestions of using a historical figure (rather than simply my “Hugo” buddy), I dwelled on, we’ll call him Alfonso, his utter disbelief of the miles of concrete we were walking on. When Alfonso last saw this area there were dirt paths connecting pueblos and missions. But Alfonso’s eyes lit up as we passed Pio Pico’s hacienda–he was familiar with the haciendas of his day. He also asked me if the black thing in front of the Pio Pico Marker was an offering. I simply said, “Maybe,” and changed the subject. Incidentally, Pico’s history pervades that of Southern California, but no less important is Pico’s medical history of his acromegaly and almost miraculous cure in old age caused by a pituitary apoplexy–it’s amazing and worth a google!




  1. Susanne — 11-06-2012 at 10:12 am

    Hi Kurt, It’s only today that I looked at your site again because at Kreuzberg the net is too slow. What a shock to hear about your interruption at the hospital. But very glad to see that you have recovered and can continue your walk. It’s really worth admiring!!! I (and Peter) wish you all the best for the still remaining miles. Take care of yourself! Love and a BIG BEARHUG Susanne

  2. Joanne Lopez-Rojas — 11-07-2012 at 8:13 am

    Hi My Friend, Did you really resist the temptation to look in that BLACK BAG? “Alfonso”… that has a “good ring” to it and I like how it sounds with “Federico” too.. *Good Choice! Wishing you a great day tomorrow and Beautiful Walking Weather.. Hugs, JLoRo