Day-46 (30 May—Thu) Santiago

Took the bus to Muxía today, a small fishing village a bit north of Fisterra. Many pilgrims elect to walk to one of these towns after arriving in Santiago. Only two buses go to Muxía, one in the morning (8:45) and one in the evening; similarly only two back, one very early and the other at 2:30PM, which limits the visit to about 3 1/2 hrs, although that is plenty to walk about the town and see the main attractions.

These pics captured the memories: Monument to the Prestige oil spill disaster that happened just off the coast in 2002. Natives of Calatayud (known in Spanish as bilbilitanos) also came here. In the Middle Ages they brought ropes for boats in Muxía and took dried conger eel back with them as payment in kind, transforming it into a delicacy for the palate that is still eaten today. Our Lady of A Barca (Nosa Señora da Barca) shrine. Had just enough time for a yummy lunch of sardines. 

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