Day-46: Whittier to Anaheim

Alfonso was aghast during today’s 15+ miles as we went from one city to the next–all that concrete! We woke up in Whittier, went through La Mirada, then Buena Park, a tad of Fullerton (which brought back memories of working a proposal with Hughes Fullerton back in ’89), and finally Anaheim. He had trouble comprehending the concept of “Disneyland.” Nothing like that existed 200 years ago! “Going on rides” was completely foreign! I had trouble explaining it to Alfonso! Note the record shot in front of the Disneyland entrance.

Tonight I have the pleasure of staying with fellow American Pilgrims fairly close to Disneyland! They’re friends of Grant’s/Anita’s and have graciously opened their house to me. The kindness that’s come my way on this adventure is astounding!



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  1. Jackie Williams — 11-07-2012 at 4:29 pm

    We now know you are amongst civilization once again!! Disneyland, a familiar hot spot!! Thrilled to hear your weather is cooling off. Perhaps it’s Birmingham blowing cool air your way… Thinking of you as you continue heading south! Lv Jackie and fam’