Day-47 (31 May—Fri) Santiago

Last day of my extraordinary Camino trip. While making my rounds in town, I “randomly” ran into the two pilgrims again with whom I celebrated in the few previous days—Ewald and Thomas, both German. Here are a few last memories before leaving in the morning: First, the venue for the Pilgrims’ Mass and boy was it overcrowded at the Church of San Francisco; then Thomas and my lunch together showing my pulpo (octopus)—this time fried!

While here these last few days, Santiago was celebrating Ascension Day with lots of activities including a huge venue for rides, eateries and game galleries just a block up the hill from where I’m staying.



  1. Claudia — 05-31-2019 at 1:35 pm

    Hi Kurt!
    Well, you’ve had quite the adventure again!
    Forgive me for not commenting along your journey…in my prayers for your safety and thoughts as you “strolled” your path through good and not so good days.
    Have a safe trip home. We’ll talk soon. Love you

  2. Petra Brixel — 06-08-2019 at 11:37 pm

    Kurt!!!!!! Good to see you again and read about your last days! So we missed Thomas!! What a shame, I am totally sad. We arrived in Santiago on Thursday. On Friday, when you met Thomas, we were in O Coruna to have a look at the start point of our next Camino (Camino Inglesi). We walked aroud in that busy town, beautiful place and coast. But we missed you and Thomas! On Saturday we were in Santiago and got our Compostella early in the morning. Then we took the bus to Monte Gozo and walked down with hundreds of Camino Francese pilgrims. But believe me … Via de la Plata is so much better! So quiet! So much like in old times – great space. Hadn´t we a great trip? Oh, your pictures are so true and most of them are exactly like mine. Sure, we had the same places to take the pictures, only a day or hour before or later.
    Thank you for your homepage with so much memories.
    Greetings from Petra and Gerd.