Day-69, Jun 29, Reims

Pushed hard trying to make up 2 days worth of distance, 44 km, from Suippes to Reims. Recall that I went off route because of no hotels in those 44 km and the attractions at Chalons. I succeeded in 35.8 km (22.4 mi) today, so I added another 8.2 km to my “did not walk” subtotal. Comfortable climate and flat terrain made for an easy walk today, and above all, no worry about a place to sleep tonight!

Not sure who’s counting, except my sandals whose treads are fast wearing out, but I’ve actually already walked ~720 mi with ~1200 to go. No light at the end of the tunnel yet! But it’s getting easier–not fighting any problems nor the dreaded heat yet! Am taking 3 to 5 magnesium supplement pills a day to keep from getting cramps–the muscles let me know when to take the pill!

The signs remind me that I’m in France’s Champagne Region, but I haven’t tried any. Alcohol, even beer during the day, doesn’t react well. 

The French military cemetery at the town of Sillery contains over 10,000 graves from WW I. What makes this cemetery different is the chapel-Mausoleum, dedicated to the MIAs.  You can barely see it in the overall photo, but the chapel is surmounted by a tall lantern intended to contain an eternal flame. The chapel, after researching it, is unusual for structures in a nécropole nationale, because it’s an accomplished Art Déco design and it was, in fact, one of two structures exhibited by the city of Reims at the 1925 Exposition des Arts Décoratifs in Paris (the other being the Carnegie Library). Where my walks take me!

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  1. Joyce Summers — 07-01-2016 at 3:23 pm

    It was a long day of walking and it looks like your sandals can tell us all about these 720 miles so far! All the cemeteries you pass have their stories to tell too. Always humbling.