Resources & Links

“However sceptical [sic] one may be about the basis of the pilgrimage and the legends surrounding it, one cannot help being affected by it. Maybe it’s the simplicity of the life and the closeness to nature that makes one conscious of deeper realities and I hope, as a result, I have learned to be a better person, or at least I will try to be.” 
– an English pilgrim, 1998



Camino De Santiago

American Pilgrims on the Camino (APOC)
Provides a host of information for anyone who might consider walking the Camino, either parts of it or any of the the entire routes.

Southern California Chapter of APOC
Since I live in this area and am also a coordinator for this Chapter, we can be of direct help to anyone considering to walk the Camino.

Southern California Chapter of APOC Facebook Page
Will provide more about what our Chapter is currently doing and the opportunity to join the Camino conversation.

Confraternity of Saint James (CSJ)
One of the richest sources of information and additional links is the Confraternity of Saint James (CSJ), a British organization — which has many other links that might be of interest for pilgrims / walkers.


California Missions Walk is a wonderful resource for those planning to walk the Camino, that will help introduce the mission walk to the general public, and provide information to those planning their walks.